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Wrapping Up GSoC

As I’m writing this post, the deadline for code submission has finally arrived. It has been a wonderful journey, and the experience has certainly left me as a much better programmer than I originally thought I was. From my first bug fix, which despite being a minor issue, took up so much of my time, I wasn’t even sure that I’d be associated with the SymPy and SymEngine team for so long.

Google Summer of Code ‘17 has officially ended. It had its own ups and downs, though both being rewarding to say the least. Currently all my work is pushed up to the respective repositories, and should be ready to merge soon. Thanks to Isuru, for allowing me to work on this even after the official period ends.


I pushed in #182 implementing Expr class and fixing the inheritance of various other classes. Some minor changes still might be required in this repository in the time to come, since it might require some more tweaks to finally get everything running in SymPy.


Here is a list of all my PRs currently pending in SymPy. I pushed a lot of them in the last few hours to spare some time before the deadline. These will consequently be worked upon and merged.

I had a great summer, much more exhilarating than I had expected it to be. A more detailed work report can be found here. A final thanks to the SymPy community, Google, and my mentors Isuru Fernando and Sumith Kulal, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this. I hope to stay around for a while.