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GSoC Progress - Week 11 and Week 12


This is the combined post for weeks 11 and 12. As mentioned earlier, Isuru had been unavailable for the last week, during which my focus was entirely fixed on getting the countless assertion failures in SymPy fixed while using SymEngine as a core.

I was also able to get all the pending work merged in, namely the Singleton pattern and a host of other miscellaneous additions.

After that, we had to update the conda binaries for both SymEngine and for through #3 and #2 respectively. Currently, we’re good to go for porting over the changes made over the summers for different directories in SymPy.

This is officially the last week of GSoC 2017. I’ll push all my work as separate PRs on SymPy, and try to get them merged before the deadline on 29th August.