Shikhar Jaiswal : Thoughtful Algorist

GSoC Progress - Week 10

Greetings! The GSoC final submissions are about three weeks away and I’m trying my best to get everything sorted out before the deadline. However, we are faced with an issue. Isuru won’t be available for the major part of the penultimate week. As such, I’ll have to reach out to Sumith for reviews, who’s been pretty busy lately. Hence my goal for the next week would be to get everything reviewed and merged as soon as possible. Here is a gist of the work done in the previous week.


I implemented some attributes seeking inspiration from SymPy’s classes in #180, which is reviewed and merged. I also took some time fixing the assertion failures in SymPy’s modules, which would be pushed in soon. More on this next week.

That’s all I have.