Shikhar Jaiswal : Thoughtful Algorist

GSoC Progress - Week 9

Hi all, we’re in the final month of GSoC with only about 4 weeks remaining on the development time. Last week was a bit rough because my college semester started off with a heavy schedule on the very first day, and a number of boarding issues, due to which a number of my days were spent in shifting my stuff from one room to another. Add to that the summer heat of this country, and it becomes a total nightmare. Here’s what I could do.



I pushed in #1316, resolving some of the scope issues we were facing in I’m expecting a light implementation schedule here in SymEngine form now on, as we have most of the stuff we need for a sizeable amount of SymPy’s directories to be ported over SymEngine.


Pushed in #13051, fixing a minor piece of code that was previously preventing us from using SymEngine’s igcd in SymPy’s LieAlgebras module. I had also taken some time updating the work on other directories.

I worked on implementing some miscellaneous missing functionalities in #179, which should soon be ready to get merged.

Since we are slowly reaching towards the end of the project, I’ll have to request Isuru for a release in SymEngine and so that our latest work becomes available for SymPy.