Shikhar Jaiswal : Thoughtful Algorist

GSoC Progress - Week 8

My first two months under GSoC have finally ended, and we are right on track towards the completion of the project. I finished up on my log of SymPy’s directories and have analysed everything that needs to be further implemented or improved upon.



I pushed in #1313, implementing row_insert and column_insert functions in DenseMatrix class and row_del and col_del functions in C wrappers, while making row_join, col_join, row_del and col_del in-place member functions.


After testing all the viable directories that could use SymEngine as a backend, only the LieAlgebras module worked completely out of the box, with no major issues. As such, we were able to achieve the same through #13023, which now marks the beginning of Phase III of my proposal. I have also pushed the work done on other directories as separate branches on my local repository, to be finished upon gradually.

I worked on implementing the Singleton pattern in the wrappers through #178, though the work is currently in progress. More on this next week.

That’s all I have for now.