Shikhar Jaiswal : Thoughtful Algorist

GSoC Progress - Week 7

My seventh report on my GSoC progress. It’s been quite a journey so far, full of challenges and rewards. This week, apart from the work, I took some time to write a proposal for a full fledged talk at the upcoming PyCon India 2017 Conference, titled SymEngine: Leveraging The Power Of A Computer Algebra System (CAS) To Another to be held during the first week of November 2017 in New Delhi. What’s more exciting is that Sumith and Ranjith would be there as well, hopefully if it gets selected.



I pushed in #1308 fixing a minor Travis irregularity.

I pushed in #176, a minor PR for skipping some of the tests where SymPy wasn’t being used.

Most of my time this week was spent on finding inconsistencies between SymEngine and SymPy objects which arise while using SymEngine in SymPy. I’m currently maitaining a log of all the issues that are occuring and their possible solutions. As such, I have decided to make a small change in our strategy. For the coming week, I’ll try and complete the issue log, and implement the possible missing functionalities and attributes in, after which a minor release in SymEngine and would be made to make these changes available for SymPy.

Till Next Time!