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GSoC Progress - Week 4

Hello, this post contains the fourth report of my GSoC progress. Though I had planned on writing a new blog post every Monday, seems like I’m a bit late on that account.



Last week I had mentioned that I’d be finishing up my work on Range set, however, after a talk with Isuru, it was decided to schedule it for the later part of the timeline. Instead I finished up on simplification of Add objects in Sign class through the PR #1297.

Also, Isuru suggested implementing parser support for Relationals, which was required for PyDy. The work is currently in progress, through PR #1298, after we hit an issue with dual-character operators (<= and >=), but we’re working on it.

I sent in another PR #1302 removing some redundant includes.

From now my work with SymEngine will probably be a little slower than usual, as I’ve started off wrapping classes in, which is supposed to continue for some time from now.

I pushed in #162 wrapping off a huge portion of the functions module in SymEngine.

I’ll be working on wrapping Logic classes and functions in the coming week, as well as finishing off my work on the parser support in SymEngine.

See you again!