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GSoC Progress - Week 3

Hello, this post contains the third report of my GSoC progress. This week was mostly spent on learning the internal structures of SymEngine functionalities and methods on a deeper level.



This week I worked on implementing Conjugate class and the related methods in SymEngine, through PR #1295.

I also worked on implementing the “fancy-set” Range, the code for which would be complete enough to be pushed sometime in the coming GSoC week.

Also, since it would probably be the last week that I’d be working on SymEngine, I spent some time going through the codebase and checking for discontinuities between SymEngine and SymPy’s implementations.

I pushed in #155 fixing a trivial change from _sympify to sympify in relevant cases throughout the codebase. The PR is reviewed and merged.

I reached out to Isuru once again regarding further work to be undertaken for PyDy, and he suggested wrapping up Relationals from SymEngine. The work, which is pushed through #159, is in itself close to completion, with only specific parsing capabilities left to be implemented (for eg. x < y should return a LessThan(x, y) object).

Wrapping Relationals also marks the initiation of’s side of Phase II, which predominantly focuses on bug-fixing and wrapping.

See you again!