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Community Bonding - Progress Report

Hello there! It is the half-time in Community Bonding period, which will be officially closed in a couple of weeks. Since its been two weeks since I last posted, I thought it would be better to provide an update about the progress made.

Community Bonding

I had a number of conversations with Isuru, a lot of which cornered around PR reviews and workarounds, and the plans for the next two weeks.

As a part of the community bonding, I’m becoming comfortable with Cython syntax and programming nuances by the day. Though I’m not completely thorough with the language, I think undertaking some amount of work would be the best way through. Here is a gist of the work I undertook till now:



#1269 Implemented additional functionalities for class DenseMatrix

#140 Implemented Float class and ported functions to sympy/

#129 Introduced MutableDenseMatrix and ImmutableDenseMatrix in symengine_wrapper.pyx



#1267 Removing redundant inline declarations and moving implementations to .cpp files from the headers

#1251 Applying -Wsign-conversion flag and fixing the warnings

#128 Making Subs and Derivative classes closer to their SymPy implementations

#126 Wrapping Min and Max functions from SymPy has a planned release (0.3.0) scheduled for the 29th of this month, right before the official coding period begins. Hence, I will most probably be working on the pending PRs in the coming days.

In my proposal, I had also planned on porting over SymEngine as a backend for simpler modules such as Physics and Parsing, which would be my main goal for now, and I’ll continue with this till the Community Bonding period ends.

Catch you later!